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Mitt Romney managed to stay above the fray in last night’s Iowa debate, but he shouldn’t get too comfortable. Now that Rick Perry’s in the race, and conservatives have a bonafide candidate who can win in November, how will Romney handle the heat from the Texas governor?


Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty may have made the most noise last night – their fight got a little nasty. Both need to win Iowa and are counting on a victory in Saturday’s straw poll. For Pawlenty, a poor finish could mark the beginning of the end. But why did T-Paw not lay a glove on Romney? He could have helped himself and cut into the frontrunner all at once.


Don’t believe what you heard from the GOP candidates last night? Check out the fact check from last night’s debate on The New York Times’ Caucus blog.


Finally, Paul Krugman is a must-read. He’s pushing the same sort of jobs program Chris is always talking about. 


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Let Me Start...