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Polls Apart

The new New York Times/CBS poll shows President Obama holding a slight lead - 49% to 46%. Remember what Chuck Todd said on Hardball last night – 49% is the magic number for the president. If he’s at 47% in the polls, he probably loses; if he’s at 48%, it’s a coin-flip; but if he’s at 49%, he finds what he needs to go over the top on Election Day.


And there’s nothing but good news for President Obama in a bevy of newly released state polls – including our NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist polls from Florida, Ohio and Virginia. The president also has a healthy lead in Colorado.


Former Romney rival Jon Huntsmann - who later endorsed him for president - says Mitt has a problem because he can’t clearly state what he’d do with his foreign policy.


The official Chinese news agency says Romney’s rich in large part because of China.


The Times also notes that, for all of Mitt Romney’s talk of American sovereignty, he seems more than willing to allow Israel to start a regional war.


Read how the fossil fuel industry – Big Coal, Big Oil – are trying to take down President Obama.


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