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Has President Obama found his inner populist? He’s got a new line of attack – against Bank of America’s monthly fee on customers who use their ATM cards. Let’s get this straight: Banks replace good old fashioned tellers with ATMs in the name of convenience, and in doing so, they save money on all those teller salaries. Now they want to pocket even more money on the backs of customers who use those ATMs? It’s not like there’s an alternative – the tellers are all gone. We’re hearing the administration stepping up its attack against Bank of America – after all, it’s an easy way to get on the right side of the fight between Wall Street and Main Street.


Speaking of that fight – those protests that started on Wall Street continue to spread across the country. There’s a lot of anger against Wall Street – can the president tap into it for his political advantage? Or should he try to tamp down that anger and play for the political center?


Politico has launched the Politico Primary – a look at who might be able to run for president – and win – as a third party candidate. They describe it as part parlor game, part political assignment – but it’s great fun as we imagine how the 2012 presidential campaign will take shape.


Republican Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia has done something few in his party have been willing to do: criticize anti-tax guru Grover Norquist. Wolf says Norquist’s pledge not to raise taxes – a pledge virtually all elected Republicans sign – has paralyzed Congress in its fight against the deficit.


By the way, is Michele Bachmann calling for President Obama’s impeachment? You be the judge.


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