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The new jobless numbers are out - and while they’re good enough to stave off the worst expectations, they’re certainly not great. The economy added 103,000 jobs and the unemployment rate is still at 9.1%


Paul Krugman compares the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Tea Party, and he says that unlike the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are angry at the right people.


The Value Voters Summit begins in Washington DC. Our guest will be Rick Santorum, who could make a run in Iowa – which could hurt Rick Perry.


Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is getting heat from women’s groups for his suggestion that potential Senate opponent Elizabeth Warren is unattractive. It’s a comment that could hurt him among female voters. And while his female Senate colleagues are defending him, they’re not exactly defending his comment.


All that, plus the latest installment of Obama Derangement Syndrome… tonight on Hardball!


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Let Me Start...