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Trouble in Romney-land

Politico’s Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei go inside the struggles of the Romney campaign for a look at how Mitt has stumbled. It’s a campaign in disarray.


Man With a Plan?

Mitt Romney’s campaign is making a tactical shift – and this week will begin outlining specifics of how he would govern. The move comes after a particularly bad week for Romney, and after much fretting by many in the Republican Party that Romney was too vague. But has the Obama campaign already defined Romney? With just two weeks before the first debate, Romney has a very narrow window to make something happen.


One specific policy where Republicans are losing ground is Medicare, a critical issue in the biggest battleground state of them all - Florida.


Polls apart: President Obama is now at 51 percent in Virginia, according to a new PPP poll. And he’s up 11 now in Pennsylvania, a state that surely is no longer a battleground.


And Elizabeth Warren is up in a pair of new polls in Massachusetts, including one new poll where she leads by six.


Finally, ain’t that rich…

Republicans – the party that obstructed and made compromise a dirty word – are now worried about being blamed for the partisan gridlock.


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