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The Mormon Issue: How big a deal is Mitt Romney’s religion? As much as Republican presidential candidates say it doesn’t matter, they know it does to a lot of viewers, especially Evangelicals and southerners. Baptist preacher (and Perry supporter) Robert Jeffress called the LDS church a cult on Friday and he’s on Hardball.


How much of this is a concerted effort to delegitimize Romney? There’s the questions about his religion, and the bigger questions about his ideology: Is he conservative enough? Many on the right don’t think so – and don’t trust him – and we may be witnessing the beginning of an orchestrated campaign on the right to stop him from winning the nomination.


The New York Times lead editorial is about the campaign by Republicans to make it harder for people to vote. It’s a solution in search of a problem.


And check out Herman Cain comparing himself to Moses.



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