Let Me Start…


Debate night – the Republican Presidential candidates take the stage in New Hampshire, and for Rick Perry, it might be make-or-break time. He needs to prove he can play at this level, and so far – despite his fundraising and his conservative bonafides – he’s not there yet.


NBC News Marist polls in New Hampshire and Iowa. Romney’s way ahead in New Hampshire but Herman Cain’s a strong second in Iowa. Cain has even won the right to stand next to Romney on the stage tonight.


Occupy Wall Street – the Democrats want to grab onto the energy of the protests, but will they want to be associated with those protesters if things get ugly?


Jobs Bill vote is today in the Senate – and it could be another slap in the face for the White House as the Democrats might not have the votes.


President Obama goes to Pittsburgh today – but can he win over those working class white voters that he failed to win last time around?


Finally, a question: Has Congress earned the “do-nothing” badge? Americans think so – approval ratings for Congress are at record-lows.




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Let Me Start...