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President Obama heads off on a bus trip to two red states he turned blue… North Carolina and Virginia. What’s it going to take for the president to keep both states in his column next year? If he can do it, he should be able to win re-election.


As the Occupy Wall Street movement grows in number and intensity, we’re watching the candidates trying to get out in front of the protesters. President Obama will give his support to the movement today. But if there’s one high-profile candidate that’s leading the pack, it’s Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. Check out what the New York Times wrote on its editorial page about how the Democrats should be talking the way Elizabeth Warren is talking.


Cain Unable? Herman Cain had a tough weekend. On Meet the Press, he was forced to admit that his 9-9-9 plan would raise taxes on some Americans. Then he didn’t know what the neo-conservative movement is. Finally, he’s having a tough time trying to say his call for an electric fence along the Mexican border that would kill illegal immigrants was a joke. As NYT points out, in making the comments, Cain was detailed and repetitive, and the crowd didn’t laugh, they cheered.


Finally we have the great Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey on the show tonight to talk about his new movie “Margin Call”.







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