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Qadhafi dead? Lots of reports this morning about the death of Libya’s embattled leader… the U.S. government can’t confirm… but we’ll be tracking this story and looking at the political implications for President Obama, who backed the Libyan rebels early on and got a lot of heat from the right for doing so.


Perry vs Romney. The top political story here at home is the escalating fight between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Perry has released a nasty web video about Romney, and Romney is hitting back. As the New York Times and the Washington Post report today, these guys don’t like one another, and the roots of their animosity are pretty deep.


Space Invaders: When he grabbed Rick Perry’s shoulder, Mitt Romney became the latest candidate to touch another candidate on stage, or otherwise invade their space. Remember Rick Lazio in a debate against Hillary Clinton? How about Al Gore’s awkward confrontation of George W. Bush? The invader never looks as good as the invaded, so let’s see how this plays out for Mitt.


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