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Did Republican rising star Marco Rubio embellish his family history? He often says he’s the son of exiles, and that they fled Castro, but the Washington Post discovered his parents actually fled Cuba two and a half years before Castro took power. How much will this hurt Rubio’s chances of landing on the 2012 Republican ticket?


Speaking of 2012 Republicans, Jon Huntsman plays Hardball tonight.


Also, we’ll hear from the group Americans Elect, which is quietly assembling a campaign structure to run an independent candidate for President next year. The big question: will that candidate be from the right or the left?


And Herman Cain is in more trouble. With frontrunner status comes heightened scrutiny, and Cain’s getting it. Conservatives are up in arms about remarks Cain made about abortion.


We’ll be looking at all those stories and more on the show tonight!










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