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President Obama says Forget Congress. He plans to tackle the problems in the housing market through executive order – rather than waiting for a Congress that will not (and doesn’t want to) act. As the New York Times reports – it’s a way for him to continue to paint Capitol Hill as a “Do Nothing Congress”. And take a look at the things he’s done when he hasn’t need Congress to help him – The death of Osama bin Laden and other al-Qaeda leaders, Libya – and he has a pretty compelling case that he’s a strong leader who’s being stifled at home by a Congress that wants him to fail.


Mitt Romney has some explaining to do: The Los Angeles Times reports that one provision of Romneycare allowed for health care benefits for illegal immigrants. That sounds like a magnet – and takes the sting out of Romney’s attacks on Perry for allowing the children of illegal immigrants breaks in state tuition.


Is Rick Perry a birther? New comments in Parade magazine have dredged that closed issue back from the depths. Perry’s also pushing another old idea – a flat tax. (And guess what? Mitt Romney – who once hated the flat tax, now kinda likes it!)


We’ve also got one-time Marco Rubio strategist Todd Harris on to explain the inconsistencies in Rubio’s immigrant story – his parents actually came to America before Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba, and didn’t exactly flee Castro as he says.



















































































































































































































































































































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