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Is Mitt Romney a more egregious flip-flopper than we thought? When you watched his waffle over the anti-union law in Ohio this week, you couldn’t help but think that Romney in reality is worse than the cartoon version of John Kerry the Republicans tried to paint in 2004. TPM writes about why Romney’s latest flip-flop matters, and we’ll get into it tonight.


Meanwhile, Rick Perry and the Obama campaign are BFF’s – they’re both knocking Romney and both stand to benefit from the two-on-one.

Herman Cain is portrayed as a businessman, a CEO with managerial experience. But according to former aides, his own campaign is in chaos.


Marco Rubio’s half-truths about his family history have gotten him into political trouble. And now, according to Politico, Rubio has a problem with the one group that should be his natural constituency – Latinos.


We also have Joe the Plumber booked tonight – he’s running for Congress in Ohio.


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