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Landslide! Ohio voters overwhelmingly rejected the anti-union laws put on the books earlier this year by Republican governor John Kasich. The vote was 62% to 38% and it’s a reminder of just how strong big labor can be in a state like Ohio – and a hopeful sign for President Obama heading into next November.


Voters across the country rejected Republican-backed measures – like that personhood amendment in Mississippi which would have defined life as beginning at conception. And across the country – from Maine’s rejection of a crackdown on voting rights to the removal of a conservative Senate leader in Arizona – Democrats have a lot to feel good about this morning.


Herman Cain denies allegations as another woman comes forward. Cain held a news conference last night where he blamed the scandal on the “Democratic machine” and today there’s buzz that several Cain’s accusers will hold a joint news conference.


Will Newt benefit from a Cain implosion? Gingrich has been inching up in the polls and a lot of the Cain vote might find Newt appealing.


Also, SNL veteran Darrell Hammond – who famously impersonates Chris – joins us tonight!


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