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Lots of good stuff this morning, including what we all suspected would happen – Herman Cain is beginning to stagnate. That’s according to a re-contact of respondents from last week’s NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. As Cain loses ground, Newt is rising. Can Newt emerge as the anti-Romney and actually make a run in some of the early nominating contests?


Speaking of Cain, his wife went on Fox News and said the allegations that she’s heard don’t sound at all like the man she knows. Meanwhile Gloria Allred will hold another news conference today, this time with an ex-boyfriend of Cain accuser Sharon Bialek.


Can Mitt Romney beat back stories like this? He’ll have to if he hopes to have a chance at winning the White House.


A new Politico/George Washington Battleground poll has President Obama beating all of the Repubicans, although he can only muster a draw against the formidable “Generic Republican”.


Saturday’s Republican debate on foreign policy didn’t provide any big laughs, although Michele Bachmann suggested President Obama is losing the war on terror. Wonder what Osama bin Laden would say about that one.



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