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Newt-mania! We’re learning more about Newt Gingrich’s consultancy business, and it’s not looking good for Newt. The New York Times reports Newt consulted for hospitals on end-of-life care, and it turns out he was on the wrong end of the issue for conservatives, who derisively called it “death panels.” And what about Newt’s personal life? Will evangelicals go for a candidate who’s been married three times? Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention has serious doubts. Will Newt have to do some sort of explanation speech – a la John F. Kennedy’s Catholicism speech in 1960? Can Newt hold up under the scrutiny of being a front-runner?


Herman Cain continues to fade. He’s skipping an editorial board meeting with the influential Manchester Union-Leader in New Hampshire, no doubt after his stumble on Libya the other day in Wisconsin.


The Obama Re-Election Campaign says it’s confident that the President’s advantage among Latino voters will hold up. It’s a crucial part of their strategy to win in 2012.


And even though everyone doubts the Super-Committee will reach an agreement, a funny thing happened to Tea Party darling Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania… he’s now pushing for a compromise.


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