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Mitt vs. Newt: Our favorite story this morning comes from Politico… Romney advisors say they’re no more scared of Newt Gingrich than any other of the Republican candidates, but they’re not acting like it. The Romney camp is stepping up its attacks against Gingrich, knowing Newt has the heft to pose a real threat to the former Massachusetts governor. And that’s why we’re seeing Mitt attack Newt – as a Washington insider and – gasp – a serial flip-flopper. Pot, meet kettle. And Ron Paul sense that Newt’s for real. Check out Paul’s scathing new video taking down the former Speaker. And Newt is heading to New York to kiss the ring of Donald Trump.


Everyone’s piling on Romney: Both Jon Huntsman and the DNC are jumping on Mitt’s disastrous interview on Fox. Check out Huntsman’s new video here and the DNC’s here.


Is the Cain train running out of track? Herman Cain may still be re-assessing, but his candidacy is in a death spiral. We’ll assess where Cain goes from here.


And Michele Bachmann’s cleaning up after her latest gaffe… she says we wouldn’t have an embassy in Iran if she were president. Trouble is, we haven’t had an embassy in Iran since the hostage crisis… And don’t forget, Bachmann’s on the Intelligence Committee.


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