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President Obama heads to the red state of Kansas today to deliver a speech on the challenges facing America’s middle class. The location is significant because the town the president is visiting - Osawatomie - is the same town where Teddy Roosevelt delivered his New Nationalism speech more than a hundred years ago. The themes President Obama will bring up today – fairness, rewarding those who work hard - will echo TR’s speech and draw a distinct contrast between Roosevelt – a Republican – and today’s Tea Party-inspired GOP.


By the way, just asking, but would Teddy Roosevelt – who is lionized by Republicans – even be a Republican today? Not a chance.


Speaking of the GOP, the new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows Newt Gingrich is the Republican frontrunner. Romney supporters are worried the former Massachusetts governor is hitting Newt hard enough. Check out today’s Politico piece. And here’s a 2004 video unearthed by Gawker of Romney calling John Kerry a flip-flopper.


The Trump Primary: Should Mitt Romney attempt his own Sista Soulja moment and stand up to the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party? Should he take the opportunity to stand up to Donald Trump, and call for the Republican presidential field to reject Trump’s debate?



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