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We’ve got our brand new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out tonight. Will Newt be the Republican frontrunner nationwide? How does he fare in a general election matchup against President Obama? We’ve got the numbers tonight, along with a look at Newt’s greatest hits.


And we also have the Vietnam vet who got into a debate with Mitt Romney in New Hampshire.


The Supreme Court will take up three hot-button issues next year: Health Care, the Texas redistricting case and the Arizona illegal immigration law. That guarantees all three will be huge election issues. Let’s take a look at what impact the Supreme Court will have on the election.


US troops are rapidly exiting Iraq – they’ll all be gone in a matter of days – and the Republicans are crying surrender. Dick Cheney’s the latest to criticize President Obama for pulling out American troops, but as our own Ted Koppel reported last night on Rock Center, it’s not that simple.


Take a look at this provocative article in Politico by former Virginia governor Doug Wilder. He says Bill Clinton was the better president for African Americans than Barack Obama has been.


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