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The Empire versus Newt: The Republican party is saying that if Mitt Romney can’t stop Newt Gingrich, the establishment will. Take a look at the National Review cover and the editorial attacking Newt. Meanwhile the Washington Post reports on how establishment GOP leaders are worried about Newt’s effect down ballot. GOP strategist Mike Murphy called Newt a “train wreck” and former RCCC chair Tom Davis called many of his ideas “wacko.” Wow.


We reported the Obama campaign’s paths to victory. Now watch Karl Rove’s strategy for the Republicans.


War is over in Iraq. And after nearly nine years, the big question is “Was it worth it?” Dick Cheney suggested this week that we were getting out too soon, and hinted that we should stay another ten or 20 years. But in 2003, in the buildup to war, if Cheney or Bush told us we’d be staying for as long as 30 years, no one… NO ONE… would have gone along with it. We were told it would be a cakewalk. And after nearly nine years, and over 4,000 casualties, it’s finally over.


Here’s an interesting profile in the New York Times about Simon Conway, the British-born radio host at Des Moines station WHO. Conway has become a mandatory stop for the Republicans who want to be president.



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