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Ron Paul Rising: New polls suggest Ron Paul may be peaking at the right time, and as the Texas congressman and libertarian darling crests, Newt Gingrich is slipping back to the pack. And as Nate Silver of the New York Times forecasts in his fivethirtyeight blog, the Iowa Caucuses, just over two weeks away, are wide open.


Meanwhile, more establishment Republicans are expressing their fears that Newt would be a drag on the GOP ballot.


The death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il: The last cult-of-personality communist era dictator is dead. What happens now to the very enigmatic Hermit Kingdom, and the United States’ difficult relationship with it?


Should President Obama endorse same-sex marriage? Liberal activists say doing so would re-energize the base. But is the potential cost with mainstream, middle of the road voters worth it?


Pretty dim… Finally, what does it say about the Republican Party when even the light bulb industry is against its ‘light bulb war’? The GOP wants to repeal new regulations which phase out inefficient light bulbs, but the industry has spent millions in development to meet the new regulations and is furious about the GOP’s efforts to undercut those regulations (which by the way were signed into law by George W. Bush.)


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