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Iowa Eve!

Chris is once again live from Des Moines tonight on Hardball… And what a race we’re following… the latest polling from PPP shows Paul, Romney and Santorum all within two points of each other. Paul’s at 20, Romney has 19 and Santorum’s at 18. Wow! Factor those numbers into Nate Silver’s latest forecast model, and all in all, Romney has the slightest of edges. Will conservatives rally behind Santorum in the final 24 hours and propel the former Pennsylvania senator to victory?


Meanwhile, the candidates that right now look to be out-of-the-money will no doubt be faced with a lot of pressure to drop out after the caucuses. Newt Gingrich, who led the field as recently as December, is now aggressively criticizing the Super PAC that supports Romney and spent a ton of money on negative ads against Newt. The former speaker says he feels “Romney-boated,” referencing the 2004 swift boat campaign that effectively destroyed John Kerry’s campaign. Chris caught up with Gingrich to ask him about those negative ads that knocked him out of contention, and the new rules that allow unlimited spending by Super PACs.


Also, the Democrats are making a show in Iowa. The DNC is targeting Romney – even bringing a former employee who lost his job when Romney’s Bain Capital took over the company where he worked.


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