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Welcome to Iowa Caucus Day, the first real voting of the 2012 presidential race!

Hardball is live tonight at 5pm ET from the Polk County Convention Center in Des Moines and then msnbc’s live coverage with Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Republican strategist Steve Schmidt begins at 6pm ET. Plus David Gregory, Chuck Todd, Tom Brokaw, Andrea Mitchell and more. Stay with us all night long for the numbers, the analysis, the speeches and the spin. msnbc is the Place for Politics and the best place to follow the Iowa caucuses tonight.

-Politico has a great take on the five things to watch for tonight.

-Mitt Romney’s spinning already, backtracking from his prediction that he’d win Iowa tonight.

-Jonathan Martin looks at how Newt Gingrich blew his golden opportunity.


Hardball - Let Me Start

Let Me Start...