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Primary eve in New Hampshire!

And looking at tomorrow, the polls show Romney with a commanding lead. The attacks we saw yesterday at NBC’s spirited debate on “Meet the Press” may have come too late, as Romney is up not only in New Hampshire but in South Carolina and Florida, too. This could be game, set and match before we know it…


Newt Gingrich wants to make sure that if he’s going down, he’s taking Romney down with him. He’s bought a 27 minute film about Romney’s time at Bain Capital and he’s got $5 million to make nasty campaign ads out of it. This was a film that Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman passed on, so you know it must have some serious bite. But is it too late to make a difference?


Politico raises a good question with regard to Romney’s lock on the early contests – Where’s the Tea Party?


The moment of the weekend may have been Rep. Gabrielle Giffords leading the Pledge of Allegiance in Tuscon on the anniversary of the horrific shooting that nearly left her dead.




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Let Me Start...