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President Obama seizes on Mitt Romney’s closed-door comments about half of America, suggesting his rival is out of touch.


With less than seven weeks before the election, Romney faces an increasingly tough road to victory.


Peggy Noonan serves up another helping of fierce criticism of the Romney campaign, calling it a “rolling calamity”. Meanwhile, Ann Romney has a message for those conservative critics – “Stop it. This is hard.”


Mitt Romney is low on cash and looking for new donors, as President Obama has turned the tables on the idea that he’d have a fundraising disadvantage.


Paul Krugman writes in his New York Times column that the Republican party has been exposed as “of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy.”


The fallout from Romney’s 47 percent comments is hurting Republicans running for Senate.


Fresh off four out of five polls showing her in the lead, Elizabeth Warren faced off against Sen. Scott Brown in their first debate in the Massachusetts Senate campaign. Brown went on the offensive, hitting Warren over her claim to Cherokee heritage.


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