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On the eve of the Florida Primary, and it looks like Mitt Romney is opening up a big lead on Newt Gingrich. Newt is trying to claw his way back in the race, by going after Washington and Wall Street, but it may be too late. And over the weekend, he won the endorsement of Hermain “9-9-9” Cain and vowed to fight on to the convention in August. But if Romney wins Florida, he can thank a change in strategy. After his bitter defeat in South Carolina, his top strategists told him to go on the warpath against Newt. That’s what he’s done – and we’ll find out tomorrow night whether it pays off.


Nate Silver of the New York Times analyzes the race in Florida, and Newt’s dwindling chances for victory there.


Newt suggested he could win Florida if Rick Santorum dropped out.


A new USA Today - Gallup poll of the top swing states shows a very tight race between Mitt Romney and President Obama.




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