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Let Me Start...
Let Me Start...
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Mitt Romney won big last night in Florida, and he promises that the Republican party will be unified behind him. Newt Gingrich didn’t concede defeat, didn’t congratulate Romney, and vows to fight on in every state until the convention. Is this a party in unity? Will it ever be? And while the conventional wisdom suggests a nasty primary fight will weaken the eventual nominee, there’s a compelling case to be made for the opposite.

Here are Politico’s five takeaways from last night’s Romney victory.


Is Michele Bachmann about to endorse Mitt Romney?


We’re learning more this morning about the billionaires whose deep pockets are shaping this Republican race. The Super PACs reported their earnings, and the veil has been lifted on the rich patrons of the Romney campaign.


In case you missed it: The Democrats retained that House seat in Oregon by a decisive margin.