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A Debate Preview?

President Obama and Mitt Romney both appeared on “60 Minutes” and we got a glimpse into what their debates (which begin next week) may look like. And one of the most striking parts of Romney’s interview was in the last paragraph of this New York Times article, where he complains about what he calls the “inaccurate” attacks leveled against him by the president’s campaign.


And Romney also said this:

“One ad after another of his ad statements has been determined to be factually inaccurate. And you know I understand that politics is politics but in the past, when you’ve had an ad which has been roundly pointed out to be wrong you take it out and you correct it and put something back on. He keeps running these things even though he knows they’re wrong and saying them in rallies, even though he knows they’re wrong.”

Wow. This from a guy who has run ads saying Obama eliminated the work requirement for Welfare and is paying for Obamacare by slashing Medicare.


The Obama campaign has made a new ad hitting Romney for his comments about 47 percent of Americans.


Conservatives want to unleash Paul Ryan. They want to let Ryan be Ryan. Fine – Bring it on. Let’s look at how much of a right-wing social engineer Ryan has been with his past budgets. But check out what one Florida voter said about Ryan in relation to Romney: “I just think Ryan is the sharper of the two.”


Republicans are unable to put Pennsylvania into play. They thought they had a shot at it – but they’ve all but conceded it, again.


Two new polls show the president with a small lead in Florida. And Obama is up by five in a new poll from Ohio.


The President also revived the 47 percent attacks in a campaign rally in Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin.


Boomer are more and more likely to vote for President Obama.


More than twenty states are already voting for President.


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