Let Me Start…


What did Mitt Romney mean when he told CPAC that he was a “severely conservative” governor? As Paul Krugman notes in this morning’s New York Times, the top five words that tend to follow “severely” – in order of frequency of use – are disabled, depressed, ill, limited and injured. Romney clearly has a problem with language at times – and this time he described conservatism as some sort of disease. And you can bet that’s not playing well among the right-wing crowd.


Romney did manage to squeak by in Maine, and he won Saturday’s CPAC straw poll, but check out this new PPP poll nationwide – he’s trailing Rick Santorum by 15 points! And according to Politico, Santorum has a one-state plan to derail Romney. Do you think Romney’s big money machine will let him do it? Or will they bury him under an avalanche of negative ads?


Santorum, meanwhile, is facing a fresh round of criticism for a curious passage in his book “It Takes a Family.”


President Obama’s budget proves he’s done compromising with Republicans in Congress who have no appetite to work with him. Budgets are political documents – this one more than usual – and conveniently the president has put it forward in this, an election year.


The nation’s Roman Catholic bishops have rejected President Obama’s compromise on the birth control controversy.