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Poll after poll shows Rick Santorum leading Mitt Romney in Romney’s birth state of Michigan. If Romney can’t win Michigan, it’s going to be panic time for the GOP – there’s going to be a lot of people calling for someone else to get in the race. But those polls were taken before the carpet-bombing of Santorum has begun. Romney can’t afford not to win Michigan, and he’s willing to get his hands dirty if that’s what it takes.


Jobless claims are down - way down - to a four-year low, and that’s very good news for Pres. Obama. But at the same time, oil prices are on the rise, and that could be trouble.


Both sides think they have a winner on the birth control insurance issue. Who’s right?


Polls are looking good for President Obama in some key battleground states – he’s a whopping 16 points up on Romney in Michigan (I guess people liked the auto bailout after all) and he’s beating Romney in New Hampshire as well.


Joe Kennedy III - the grandson of RFK and the son of the former Congressman - has announced he’s running for Barney Frank’s seat in Massachusetts.




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Let Me Start...