Let Me Start…


As the unraveling of the Arab Spring threatens President Obama’s foreign policy record, the president will address the United Nations General Assembly and challenge the world to confront the roots of Muslim rage.


David Brooks takes another whack at Mitt Romney and the whole Republican party, making the case that by rewarding ignorance, they are on the verge of becoming irrelevant. Frank Bruni writes about the mortification of Mitt Romney. And the paper’s lead editorial argues that Romney is pushing voters away by not providing intelligent and specific answers.


Politico’s Roger Simon picks up on an amazing - and telling - quote from the former head of the Iowa Republican party, who says that Paul Ryan needs to “wash the stench” of Mitt Romney off of him if he hopes to run for national office in the future.


Is President Obama slipping among veterans?


Did Mitt Romney really suggest that airplanes should have windows that open?