Let Me Start…


Day of Reckoning for Mitt Romney: If Romney can avoid a humiliating defeat in his home state of Michigan, he could well be back on track to win the Republican nomination. Twin victories tonight in Michigan and Arizona would solidify his standing (yet again) and propel him into Super Tuesday (where he has some ground to make up.) But if Rick Santorum wins Michigan tonight, all bets are off. It’s the single biggest race of the 2012 contest, and we’ve got it covered starting tonight on Hardball.


Meanwhile, the Santorum campaign is robo-calling, urging Democrats to come out and vote for him. Romney’s camp is crying foul, but all’s fair in an open primary.


In what seems like it’s becoming an almost daily story-line, Politico reports that national Republicans are worried the ugly tone of the campaign will cost them their chance at the White House in November.


When Mitt met Kid Rock: Here’s a curious account of how Mitt Romney met with the country-rock-hip-hop star Kid Rock and convinced him to play at a campaign rally. Do you get the sense that Romney’s trying extra hard to look like a regular guy? Especially after admitting he’s friends with a lot of NASCAR team owners?