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Super Tuesday! Voters go to the polls in 11 states in what may be the make or break moment for the Republican presidential race. Ohio’s the biggest prize – a win there would cement Romney’s aura of inevitability and a Santorum loss would likely knock him out of the running, although he says he’ll go on. Both candidates are making a play for Ohio’s blue-collar voters, and the race is neck and neck. Here are Politico’s 10 things to watch tonight.


msnbc’s live Super Tuesday coverage begins at 5pm ET on Hardball. Then at 6, Chris joins Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Ed Schultz, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Republican Strategist Steve Schmidt for complete coverage as the returns come in.


Also, today may be the end of the line for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who’s in a primary with Rep. Marcy Kaptur after his district was re-drawn.


And get this: Former First Lady Barbara Bush says the 2012 race is the worst campaign she’s ever seen.


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