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The Romney Reboot: Mitt Romney has a problem – sure he has the delegate math in his favor, but he has taken on the air of a loser, someone who - despite formidable fundraising and organizational advantages - can’t seem to win a campaign he was supposed to have won by now. Politico’s Maggie Haberman writes about what Mitt can do to make over his campaign. And Alex Burns writes about how Mitt’s problems could be worse.


Rick Santorum campaigned in Puerto Rico and said he’d only consider statehood if Puerto Ricans adopted English as their official language. Funny, there’s nothing in the Constitution requiring English as America’s official language. By the way, why’s Santorum in Puerto Rico and not Illinois? It’s because Puerto Rico becomes a winner-take-all contest if one candidate wins over 50% of the vote.


Check out this new poll about how Romney lost support among Latinos.


And what about Newt Gingrich? Do Republicans want him to exit stage right? Depends on who you ask. Santorum supporters - of course - say yes. But Romney fans want him around. What does it say about Romney when he needs Newt Gingrich as his wingman? Meanwhile, Gingrich is now making the argument that staying in the race is the best way to defeat Romney.


Hillary in 2016? Check out the predictions by our own Mark Halperin and John Heilemann of “Game Change” fame.


Finally, disgraced ex-governor Rod Blagojevich goes to prison today. Politico compiled a montage of Blago’s wackiest statements.


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