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The campaign begins…

As Romney and Santorum fight it out on the Republican side, Pres. Obama and Vice Pres. Biden are now all in. Biden’s rousing speech in Toledo yesterday, the President’s speech in Maryland and the new Obama campaign video signal the game is on. Seven and a half months to go before the election!


The message in that 17-minute campaign video is that the actions taken by Pres. Obama avoided catastrophe. But is that message - “it could have been worse” - one that will work with voters?


Meanwhile, the Economist has good news for the President: It’s cover story is about how the global economy really is on the rebound, and it’s being led by the United States. Still, the picture isn’t all rosy.


Back to the Republican race: A new poll from Illinois shows Romney up six over Santorum, 37%-31%, with Gingrich still hanging around at 14%. And a Gallup poll finds Republicans are less enthusiastic about the candidates this year than they were four years ago.


The Washington Post’s Nia-Malika Henderson reports on how Rick Santorum re-invented and resurrected himself through this campaign.


And another House Democrat hangs it up: New York’s Gary Ackerman will retire at the end of this term.


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Let Me Start...