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The fight for Illinois: Mitt Romney should be favored in Illinois, which holds its primary tomorrow. And the latest poll from PPP shows Romney opening up a big 15-point lead over Rick Santorum. Makes sense, considering the state’s history of supporting moderate Republicans. But Romney’s rightward shift has troubled moderates, and other Illinois Republicans say there’s no spark for him in Illinois. Yet Romney could once again be on the verge of a big win tomorrow night.


Romney also easily won Sunday’s primary in Puerto Rico, taking all 20 delegates. But despite the fact that he keeps racking up delegates, the party doesn’t seem enthused about his campaign. And that may explain why Republicans are gearing up for what may be a contested convention this August in Tampa.


Romney says he’s an economic heavyweight who knows how to fix the economy. David Axelrod begs to differ, saying Romney - who led Massachusetts to the 47th best record of job creation when he was governor - must be looking in a funhouse mirror.


Here’s a profile in courage: Santorum says he regrets having supported Arlen Specter.


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