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Maybe Mitt Romney’s proud that he’s a super-rich guy with a family history of shutting down factories. Why else would make a joke about his father closing a factory in Michigan and moving it to Wisconsin? In his defense, he was talking to Wisconsin voters – trying to butter them up with tales of how important the state has been to his family over the years. But did he have to include the part about shutting down the factory?


On the day that former President George H.W. Bush is to ‘officially’ endorse Mitt Romney (he all but endorsed him already), Florida Senator Marco Rubio beats him to the punch, and dismisses talk of being the vice presidential running mate.


The Supreme Court wrapped up three days of arguments over the Health Care Reform Law, and progressives aren’t optimistic the law will be upheld. The New York Times runs through the political repercussions of the Supreme Court ruling.


Quinnipiac finds Democratic incumbent Senators are holding strong in both Ohio and Florida.


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