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Jobs Report Friday: The economy added 120,000 jobs last month – fewer than economists predicted. The good news is that the unemployment rate ticked down to 8.2%. We’ll dig into what it all means for President Obama and Mitt Romney as they kick off their general election campaigns.


Today, President Obama delivers remarks at a White House forum highlighting the ways the Obama Administration has helped create economic security for women. It’s a key part of the ongoing contrast they’re hoping to draw with Republicans on gender issues.


The Road to 270: Real Clear Politics breaks down the pathways to victory for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.


King of Swing: Politico looks at the campaign of independent Senate candidate Angus King of Maine, who could end up being the most powerful member of the Senate.


And while President Obama probably wasn’t too politically astute to send a warning to the Supreme Court this week, The New Republic raises the idea that SCOTUS justices should be appointed to something less than a life term.


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