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The cost of being vague:

Mitt Romney hasn’t given a lot of specifics about what he’d do as president, so the Obama campaign is happy to fill in the blanks. But Republicans say much of what the Obama team is saying about Romney’s plans are false. Expect to see Romney try to correct the record at the first presidential debate Wednesday in Denver.


The Romney camp is already trying lower the bar for their candidate’s performance in the debates.


Don’t miss Politico’s lead article about Mitt Romney’s struggles today. Written by Mike Allen, Jonathan Martin and Jim VandeHei, it reads like a Romney campaign obituary.


President Obama isn’t just counting on winning more votes on Election Day, but getting people to the polls in about 30 states that are already allowing early voting. And the Obama campaign’s efforts to get people to vote now could give them a significant advantage – and negate the impact of an ‘October surprise’.


After spending much of the broadcast day airing wild and desperate Republican complaints about the validity of polls, Fox News releases a new survey showing President Obama with a five-point lead over Mitt Romney. So does that mean Fox is in on the (non-existent) conspiracy it’s using to rile up the GOP base?


Billionaire George Soros is getting off the sidelines – he’s committing $1 million to the pro-Obama Super PAC Priorities USA Action.


Retiring Virginia Senator Jim Webb blasted Mitt Romney’s lack of military service.


Politico ticks off the 25 most unforgettable campaign ads of the 2012 campaign.


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