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Looks like we’ve got the makings of a war between Mitt Romney and the Tea Party Republicans in the House. House Republicans say it’s okay for Romney to stray from their orthodoxy on some smaller issues, but when it comes to the party’s agenda, they’re conducting the train. Wow. Good luck trying to get back to the center, Mitt…


msnbc overheard Mitt Romney and Ann Romney going further than they do in public about some of the things that would happen in a Romney presidency… including what government agencies would be shut down.


The Senate votes on the Buffett Rule today.


The Obama campaign is looking to expand the map – and they think they can flip Arizona. That might be a long shot for this year, but in the long term the Grand Canyon state is trending Democratic.


An AP analysis finds Obama projected to have a big electoral vote lead.


Newt Gingrich’s one-time billionaire backer is now donating big bucks to the Republican establishment.


President Obama weighed in on the Secret Service prostitution scandal that overshadowed his trip to South America.


Weeks after getting a new heart, Dick Cheney spoke for over an hour and called President Obama an “unmitigated disaster to the country.”


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