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The Secret Service Sex Scandal - investigators are tracing the women at the center of the prostitution flap. NBC’s Mark Potter is in Colombia for us tonight and will bring us the very latest on “Hardball”.


The new New York Times/CBS poll finds the presidential race in an absolute tie. 46 percent favor President Obama, and 46 percent favor Mitt Romney.


The Associated Press electoral vote projections finds Pres. Obama is just 28 electoral votes shy of the 270 he needs to win. And, provided he carries all the states he’s expected to, winning Florida - just Florida - would put him over the top. And in the latest PPP poll out of Florida, Obama leads, but there’s one way Romney could get a boost.


And Ted Nugent is the latest campaign surrogate to overshadow his candidate. Mitt Romney has been forced to distance himself from Nugen’t offensive and violent talk about President Obama.


And check out this Santorum letter to supporters saying that Romney as the nominee “truly frightens me”. The mailer was apparently paid for and sent before Santorum called it quits last week, but it’s hitting mailboxes now.


Arizona Republicans and Democrats have made their picks for who will face off to replace Gabrielle Giffords.


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