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The Secret Service Sex Scandal claims three agents… what’s next?

Where will the the investigation into the prostitution scandal in Colombia go next? And how high will it go? Three agents are already out – one removed for cause, one resigned and one allowed to retire. But this is just the beginning. We’ll have the very latest tonight on “Hardball”.


The Secret Service is also meeting today with Romney supporter Ted Nugent, who made incendiary and voilence comments over the weekend about Pres. Obama. And Romney himself has yet to condemn him for it. 


The Battle for the Persuadables: Politico digs into how the Obama and Romney campaigns are fighting for a very small slice of the electorate – the highly persuadable swing voters. As they shrink in number, they grow in importance. 


Polls continue to find Americans say the economy is improving, but as the New York Times points out, lingering concerns provide an opening for Mitt Romney. Our own NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll comes out tonight.


Who do Republicans say they favor as Romney’s running mate? Here’s a hint – think about the Bush administration…


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