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Welcome to Debate Week!

Mitt Romney is trailing in the polls heading into the first presidential debate this Wednesday in Denver. And this may be the last chance Romney has to change the course of the campaign. Our colleague John Harwood makes the case that - historically - only twice did the televised debates truly alter the result of the presidential election - in 1960 and 2000. So Romney’s challenge is difficult but not impossible.


Politico says President Obama is his own toughest opponent in the upcoming debates. And they have this advice for Romney.


While everyone else is trying to lower debate expectations, New Jersey governor Chris Christie makes a bold prediction.


We’ve talked about the latest Republican gripe – that the polls are biased and the pollsters are in cahoots with the ‘liberal media’ and Romney’s actually ahead. Politico checks into that alternate reality.


Nate Silver says Romney’s down a touchdown, and we’re in the fourth quarter of the game.


According to PPP, Obama still leads by four in the crucial battleground of Ohio. But the Columbus Dispatch has the president up more than double that.


And in Massachusetts, it looks like Elizabeth Warren is inching ahead of Scott Brown, though there are still a lot of undecideds.


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