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Eve of the 2nd Debate - Which Pres. Obama will show up?


The new Washington Post/ABC News poll has good news for President Obama. He’s up three nationally among likely voters, and seven among registered voters. But voters are beginning to like Mitt Romney.


President Obama’s firewall in Ohio continues to hold.


New York Times polling analyst Nate Silver crunches the latest batch of numbers… and tomorrow’s debate could mean everything.


Here’s what President Obama has to do tomorrow to avoid repeating the mistakes he made in the first debate.


The New York Times looks at how Republicans are trying to keep Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson off the ballot, for fear he could cut into Mitt Romney’s vote totals.


More Republican ugliness – as the son of Wisconsin Senate candidate Tommy Thompson suggests voters next month will have the opportunity to send President Obama back to Kenya.


Finally, former Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter died yesterday at the age of 82.


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