A steady stream of voters cast ballots during the primary in the Walkersville Middle School cafeteria June 24, 2014 in Walkersville, Md. 
Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post/Getty

Let Me Finish: Winning the most votes of those permitted to vote

Let me finish with this…we learned that the Republican party is out to win in 2016 by a strategy of winning the most votes of those they permit to vote. 

This is interesting stuff.  Instead of letting the people decide who to vote for, the politicians decide who they let vote.  They select the voters instead of the other way around.

The sheer brazen-ness of this move is one thing we can agree on. Seeing the demographic changes on the way (the rise of minorities in the American population, the rising number of single people, the changing attitudes among younger people on matters such as same-sex marriage) the thinkers in the Republican Party have decided their best bet is to make it harder for certain groups to vote.

Let’s look at whom the GOP brain-trusters might like to see staying home on election day:

  1. Older people who live in big cities, especially minorities, are people who don’t have drivers licenses
  2. Young people away from home at college.

People who tend to vote for Democratic candidates?

Making it harder for these people to vote is daylight robbery by the people in state capitals relentless in finding ways to better their chances in the next election. What’s staggering is the failure by Democrats and others not to blow the whistle on these shenanigans, which is exactly what they are.