Let Me Finish: Majority of Democrats vote for the trade deal

Let me finish with this news that a majority of Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee voted to put the Pacific rim trade deal on fast-track.

I find it impressive that senators from Oregon, the State of Washington, Florida, Delaware and Virginia all voted favorably. 

This is not, if you haven’t noticed it, the way this story has been running the last several weeks. Ever since the trade bill grabbed the front pages, the only voices heard have been then those like Senator Elizabeth Warren’s opposing.

As you’ve seen on “Hardball”, this has become a hot debate. The president, and former president Bill Clinton, have been on one side. The country’s labor union has been opposing.

Hillary Clinton has yet to take sides, except it is fair to say she backed the Pacific rim trade deal while serving as Secretary of State, calling it the “gold standard.”

As I’ve made clear, if you want to follow this debate, watch Hardball.