Learn the real differences between Obama, Romney before voting


Let me finish tonight with the real choice in this coming election.

One’s a Democrat; the other’s a Republican.

One, President Obama, opposed the war in Iraq; the other, Mitt Romney, supported it, just as he protested “in favor” of the Vietnam War, even as he decided not to participate in it. 

One, President Obama, opposed the economic policies of George W. Bush; the other, Mitt Romney, ate them up.

One, President Obama, supports a woman’s right to decide on something as personal and intimate as reproductive rights; the other, Romney, wants the government to rule against it in every case. He’s the one who wants to regulate people’s lives.

One, President Obama, wants the states, not the federal government, to decide on same-sex marriage; the other, Romney, wants a federal law kept in place to keep that decision out of state hands, keep same-sex marriage banned entirely and for all time. 

One, President Obama, stepped up and rescued the American auto industry; the other, Mitt Romney, said to let it “go bankrupt.”

One said to make sure under the law that women get equal pay for equal work; the other heads a party that voted down the line against it. 

One saw 40 million uninsured Americans sitting it out in the emergency rooms of hospitals across the country; the other did, too, and says, even today to let them sit.

Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Hardball Let Me Finish

Learn the real differences between Obama, Romney before voting