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It looks like the IRS drama is not a ‘scandal’ – more like a ‘screw up’


Let me finish tonight with this.

I’d like to say something about this thing at the IRS.

If Elijah Cummings is right, it’s not a scandal. It’s more like a screw-up.

If it’s all about something that happened in the IRS itself - and that’s the way it looks right now…

If there’s no reason to believe that the Obama people were involved in singling out the Tea Party and Patriot group looking for tax exempt status…

Then let’s be honest - everyone - and say so.

Isn’t that the fair thing to do? You know, innocent ‘til proven guilty.

Or is there a new rule across this land that you can keep accusing someone of something as long as you darn well please?

As long as you’ve got a mic in your hand, or a committee chairmanship, you can spew out charges ‘til you drop?

Well, if that’s the game, then the rule of fairness, of truth, of common sense is out the window.

If all you’re doing is calling names, you’re no different than the bully in the high school recess yard… The bully who mocks and humiliates and is the worst memory from our youths… The person who “is” everything that’s wrong in human life - the kid we try and, if fortunate, are able to leave behind in human society’s backwash.

It looks like the IRS drama is not a 'scandal' -- more like a 'screw up'