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I’m glad Ashley Judd is not running for Senate


Let me finish tonight with this.

Mitch McConnell deserves a lot of things for his performance these past years—for setting as his top priority the destruction of a presidency, for conniving to destroy the Affordable Care Act.

One of the things he deserves is a top-drawer, hard-charging, credible, popular opponent next year. This isn’t a contest the Democrats should lose by default.

Therefore, as much as I like her as a performer, I’m glad that Ashley Judd has decided not to run in Kentucky. I think her candidacy would have become the issue when the real issue is the incumbent; it’s always the incumbent in politics, and I want it to be the negative, too often nasty performance of one Mitch McConnell.

I want the people of Kentucky to have a real choice, a solid one, next November. I want the country to have a fighting chance of getting an opposition leader who understands that opposition doesn’t have to be mean, dumbed-down obstruction, “Mickey Mouse” obstructionism.

Democracy deserves better; so does our country.

I'm glad Ashley Judd is not running for Senate