Horror in Gulf of Mexico

by Chris Matthews

Depending on how much is coming out of that well a day, it has  dumped somewhere between 6 and 60 millions gallons of crude oil into our water - that’s the water in the Gulf and wherever else it will travel over time - certainly up onto the beaches of the Gulf: Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama and Florida, perhaps then up the coast to the Carolinas.

That crude oil isn’t going away, it’s going to be there – where it’s not supposed to be – for the ages, or at least ‘till some brilliant engineer figures out how to take it up  and save us from it.

Worse yet, it looks like we’ve got at least two more months of this spill ahead of us.  
That means millions more barrels of oil pouring into the waters God gave us.

I keep thinking of the Robert Frost poem, “The Gift Outright:” “We were the land’s before the land was ours.” That wondrous notion of what we were given, those of us who came to this beautiful North America.

And now we’re kicking the crap out of it with this dumping of millions of gallons of crude onto the water and land God gave us.

This is about basic human, decent conservation, what every Boy and Girl Scout, every camper’s been taught from day one: Leave the land better than you found it.

What a horror this generation is leaving all the ones to come.

I don’t trust British Petroleum. They made the decisions that did this. I don’t trust the regulators. They “don’t” regulate.

Horror in Gulf of Mexico