GOP race gets ugly


The Republican run to remove President Obama has gotten ugly - the candidates are now competing to destroy each other. 

Talk about bottom feeding.  Rick Perry going back into that old tired story about Mitt Romney having hired a lawn service that hired workers in the country illegally.  Is that what the decision to lead this country into the 21st century should be based upon?  This matter that has been gone over so much and to so little effect?  This fact without real consequence?

They were not even arguing immigration.  If one of the two men was ready to go into the matter - instead of just jousting over it - they might have easily found themselves having a serious discussion. 

One of them might have said: Hey, wait a minute, this is the heart of the illegal immigration problem - companies hiring people here in America who are not here legally.  Why don’t we get serious about stopping that?  Why don’t we require workers to have ID cards so they can prove they’re here legally and companies can’t keep acting as if they’re not breaking the law?

Why didn’t either Perry or Romney do that?  Because this whole matter of “Who cut the Romneys’ lawn?” is a farce.  If either Romney or Perry wanted a serious discussion they would have said - Let’s stop the under-the-table, off-the-books market in cheap labor.  Let’s do it right here. 

They won’t do it.  Why?  Because American business doesn’t want to stop hiring people in the country illegally.  The very last thing they want is an identification system that works - because that would show them doing precisely what they “figure” they are doing: getting cheap work out of people desperate to take whatever wage they can get. 

No, instead of asking for ID cards for workers, whom they want working here even though the law says they shouldn’t, they are out to require American citizens to carry ID cards if they want to vote.

You can guess who these people are and why they don’t want them voting: minorities and other poor, old people, and others who might vote Democratic.

They want to make it easier for employers to get cheap labor out of people here illegitimately, harder for the Democrats to get votes from people who show up to vote legitimately.  What a wonderful display of partisan self-interest … and public cynicism.


GOP race gets ugly